What are the main devices of the forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-15
What are the main devices of the forklift? 1) Hydraulic system and braking device. The Dongguan crane rental price indicates that the main parameter of the forklift performance is the rated lifting weight under the standard lifting height and standard load center distance. The load center distance is the distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork. 2) The working device, also known as the mast, is composed of an inner mast, an outer mast, a fork rack, a fork, a sprocket, a chain, a lifting cylinder, and a tilt cylinder. 3) Power plant, Shenzhen crane rental price such as internal combustion engine and battery-motor, etc. 4) Transmission devices are divided into mechanical, hydraulic and hydraulic transmission devices. 5) Steering devices, such as steering gears, steering wheels, steering rods, etc.
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