What are the important components of the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-04
What are the important components of the hydraulic lifting platform What are the more important components of the hydraulic lifting platform? There are many types of components in this product. Of course, some of them are functional and important components. Once these components are damaged, it may cause the entire device to fail to continue to operate. Therefore, when you use this kind of lifting platform, you must regularly maintain these important parts. If you find that these important parts are damaged, you should contact the after-sales customer service to have a dedicated person to repair or replace, so as to ensure the lifting platform Can work normally. Here is a brief introduction to some important components of this platform. The first very important part of the hydraulic lifting platform is the integrated block. Through this integrated block, the flow and direction of the hydraulic oil can be adjusted, so as to realize the various functions of lifting. It can be said that this is like a control of the lifting platform. Hub, if this control hub is damaged, it will directly cause the machinery and equipment to be out of control, then it must not be able to be used normally, so if there is a problem in this place, it must be checked and repaired immediately. The second very important device in this machine is the mailbox. The fuel tank here is mainly filled with various oils. For example, it may be filled with hydraulic oil, or it may be filled with lubricating oil or butter. The mailboxes equipped with the parts are different. Of course, some parts may not be equipped with a mailbox directly for fueling. When using this machine, you should check the situation in the fuel tank regularly. Once you find that the fuel inside is not enough, you must add it in time. Another very important part of this machine is the motor box. This part is mainly integrated with a full set of electrical control systems. The motor box can be used to control the machinery and equipment during operation. Otherwise, the machinery and equipment will not work properly. Running. Some important parts in the hydraulic lifting platform are briefly introduced here. Of course, there are many other important parts, such as electric motors, gears and pressure reducing valves, which are very important parts, no matter where these parts are. A problem may cause the machine to fail to operate normally. Therefore, after using the machine, these important parts should be checked according to the requirements for use. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be dealt with as soon as possible.
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