What are the functional advantages of the brick clamp that you don't know

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-31
The brick clamp is a common type of forklift that we usually use, which is mainly used for transporting bricks and other transportation. What functional advantages does this accessory product have that you didn't know about? The brick clamp is fully mechanized and has a high degree of operation, the hydraulic system is stable and reliable, and the clamping performance is precise and powerful. It can meet the transfer, stacking, loading and unloading operations of various operating environments, roads, sites, and various specifications, sizes, and weights of bricks; according to the special operating environment of the industry, the whole body is heightened, and the driver's vision is wider. The best matching high-reliability hydraulic components, high-strength gantry structure, extended wheelbase, super-large counterweight, and small turning radius are used as the structural basis to make the forklift flexibly steer and operate freely when working in a limited space Simple and simple; the modified forklift is equipped with a large engine power and low fuel consumption, which effectively increases the load capacity and climbing ability, and the engine environmental protection requirements fully meet the standards. Special forklifts for holding clips focus on humanized design, scientific and technological innovation, reasonable technical support and selection, and can be adjusted according to the needs of working conditions to effectively improve work efficiency.
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