What are the daily problems of forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-16
What are the daily problems of forklifts? 1. Some of the main reasons for the failure of the forklift rental electrical appliances are: the battery forklift suddenly does not move forward and backward, and there is no response, the forklift moves with one rush and one rush, and the forward speed cannot be adjusted, and so on. 2. The main reasons for the chattering when the forklift is rented are: air in the lifting cylinder, oil leakage in the hydraulic system, excessive wear of the rollers and bearings of the inner mast fork frame, and uneven tension of the two lifting chains. 3. The main reasons for brake failure are: the brake circuit is broken, the friction lining in the traction electrode control actuator is excessively worn, the brake is loose or the brake lining gap is too large. 4. The main reasons for sliding freely and too fast under load are: oil leakage in pipelines and joints. B valve hole slide valve rod or sealing ring of the multi-way valve is worn, resulting in internal leakage, and the lifting cylinder piston support ring/Y-shaped sealing ring is worn. Produce internal leakage. 5. The main reasons for the lifting speed is too slow or unable to lift are the lack of oil in the oil tank, the blockage of the oil filter, the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, the hydraulic oil is too thin, the hydraulic pipeline is leaking, and the pressure of the multi-way valve is improperly adjusted.
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