What are the common faults of oil drum clamps in daily use

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-11
Under normal work, various failures will still occur when using the oil drum clamp, which affects the handling of our daily goods. In response to this phenomenon, forklift manufacturers have specifically summarized several common problems and phenomena for consumers. After using for a long time, we will have a certain loss of hydraulic oil in the process of use, and the force of the oil outlet valve is not enough, so we find that the hydraulic pressure of the fork is getting lower and lower. In fact, it is very simple, the hydraulic oil is not enough, and the hydraulic oil is added; When the oil drum clamp does not rise, check the hydraulic oil for impurities, replace the clean hydraulic oil, check whether the pressure relief valve is adjusted properly, check whether there is air in the hydraulic oil, and remove the air; the reason why the oil drum clamp does not drop is that the piston rod of the oil cylinder Deformation due to eccentric load, replace the piston rod or cylinder, damage or deformation of parts due to eccentric load, repair or replace related parts, the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly, adjust the set screw. In summary, the common faults and analysis of forklift truck manufacturers in the work of oil drum clamps, you are welcome to come to consult more professional related matters!
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