What are the charge and discharge characteristics of forklift batteries?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-26
What are the charge and discharge characteristics of forklift batteries? Forklift batteries have a self-discharge effect. From the manufacturing workshop to the user's use, there will be a delay of several months. Take PA-NASONIC Dongguan forklift battery as an example. When stored for 8 months at an ambient temperature of 30°C, the remaining capacity of the Dongguan forklift battery is only half of that at the factory. Therefore, for the newly purchased Dongguan forklift battery that is matched with UPS, it is generally required Perform a longer charge, which is called the initial charge. The initial charging current of the Dongguan forklift battery should be charged at 0.1C. The Dongguan forklift battery can be recharged after the discharge ends. This is called normal charging. Currently, two charging methods are commonly used in UPS: floating charging and pulse charging. The so-called floating charging means that the output of the rectifier works in parallel with the battery and supplies power to the load at the same time. In fact, the current provided by the rectifier is divided into two ways, one is sent to the load and the other is sent to the battery to supplement the internal loss of the battery. The charging mode is simple to connect, which is good for improving the transient response characteristics of UPS output. The characteristic of pulse charging is that the charging current changes with the capacity of the battery. Charging in this way can shorten the charging time. 1. Charging voltage Since the UPS battery is a standby mode of operation, the mains is in a charging state under normal conditions, and will only be discharged when the power fails. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, UPS chargers are generally controlled by means of constant voltage and current limiting, and the battery will change to a floating charge state when it is fully charged. For a battery with a terminal voltage of 12V, the normal float voltage is between 13.5 and 13.8V. If the float voltage is too low, the battery is not fully charged, and the float voltage is too high, which will cause over-voltage charging. When the float voltage exceeds 14V, it is considered to be over-voltage charging. It is strictly forbidden to over-voltage charging the battery pack, because over-voltage charging will cause the electrolyte contained in the battery to be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen and escape, which will increase the electrolyte concentration, resulting in shortened battery life or even damage. 2. Charging current The battery charging current is generally expressed by C, and the actual value of C is related to the battery capacity. For example, if it is a 100Ah battery: C is 100A. The best charging current of Panasonic lead-acid maintenance-free batteries is about 0.1C, and the charging current must not be greater than 0.3C. Excessive or too small charging current will affect the service life of the battery. The ideal charging current should adopt a staged constant current charging method, that is, a larger current is used in the initial stage of charging, and after a certain period of charging, it is changed to a smaller current, and at the end of charging, a smaller current is used. The charging current is generally designed to be 0.1C. When the charging current exceeds 0.3C, it can be considered as overcurrent charging. Avoid using fast chargers to charge, otherwise the battery will be in the state of 'instantaneous overcurrent charging' and 'instantaneous overvoltage chargingOvercurrent charging will cause the battery plates to bend and the active material to fall off, resulting in a decrease in battery power supply capacity, and in severe cases, it will damage the battery.
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