What are the characteristics of adjustable distance forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-18
The forklift manufacturer introduced here that the distance-adjustable forklift is more suitable for use in irregular freight yards such as machinery, ports, ceramics, building materials, agriculture, etc., as well as various occasions with no prescribed pallets. In terms of characteristics, the adjustable distance fork has the characteristics of quick-change fork hook, flexible and convenient; its reasonable hydraulic components can increase the service life. And it has a hard and wear-resistant alloy steel frame, which can ensure the durability and maintenance cost of the forklift. Side-shifting forks are more efficient in use. The adjustable distance fork also has a good vision, making the forklift more flexible and convenient. During its use, the operator does not need to manually adjust the fork spacing, which reduces the operator's labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and reduces the degree of damage to pallets and goods. In fact, the adjustable distance fork is a type that is used more frequently in forklifts now. It can be used to carry goods of different specifications pallets, which is very convenient.
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