u200bWhat role does the forklift battery play in the complete forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-11
What role does the forklift battery play in the complete forklift? Forklift batteries play a very important role in the entire electric forklift power system, and at the same time it is constantly improving. Now, the batteries in the DC motor power supply system and the AC motor system are all open-type water-filled lead-acid batteries. This battery uses hydrogen on a daily basis. If it separates out, a separate battery charging room needs to be set up. If it is neglected in management, overhaul, and normal maintenance, its life will be shortened and the normal operation of the entire electric forklift will be affected. Lead-acid batteries are currently widely used in the world. The 'power supply' has the advantages of stable voltage, safety and reliability, low price, wide application range, abundant raw materials and high recycling rate. It is the battery with the largest output and the most versatile among all kinds of batteries in the world. It consumes Lead accounts for 82% of total lead consumption in the world.
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