Types of Forklifts in Performance and Function

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-09
The forklift manufacturer introduced here that a forklift is a vehicle used to extract, transport, and push unit materials. What are the classifications in terms of performance and function? The first is a counterweight forklift, which is mainly used for outdoor operations. In order to balance the tipping moment generated by the weight of the goods, a counterweight is installed at the rear of the forklift to maintain the stability of the forklift. Then there is the plug-in forklift, which is characterized by small lifting, low speed, simple structure and small appearance. Then there is the side forklift, its mast and fork are on one side of the body. The other is the reach forklift, which has good stability and is suitable for operations in workshops and warehouses. The other is the container-type forklift, its main feature is that it can handle heavier goods. There is also a high-level picking forklift, which is mainly used for high-level picking and is suitable for high-level warehouses with multiple varieties and small quantities.
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