Twenty inspection rules for forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-17
Twenty inspection rules for forklifts 1. Inspect the technical conditions of various parts of the vehicle according to the specified items and standards to keep the forklift in good condition. 2. Do not raise the forks too high when the trolley is driving in the factory. When entering and leaving the work site or driving, pay attention to obstacles that are not obstructed. Sudden braking and sharp turns are prohibited. 3. Before starting, observe the situation around the forklift, (air pressure or braked vehicles, the brake pressure gauge reading must reach the specified value before starting) After confirming safety, start with the whistle. 4. Before driving, check the vehicle driving license, driver's license and other necessary documents for driving, and it is strictly forbidden to drive without a license, under-license or without a license. 5. The forklift truck driver in the factory must strictly abide by the 'Factory Traffic Safety Management Standards' and the 'Safety Production Code' when driving. 6. When the forklift in the factory is driving, the height of the fork bottom from the ground should be kept 300-400mm, and the mast must be tilted backward. 7. When the forklift is working in the factory, it must rise and fall smoothly. If necessary, it must be sealed firmly with ropes and chains. The cargo must be forklifted strictly according to the value specified in the load curve of the truck, and overloading is strictly prohibited. 8. When the forklift is in operation, no one is allowed to get on and off the forklift, and it is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork legs. 9. When the forklift in the factory loads goods, the weight of the goods should be shared equally on the two forks, the goods should not be skewed, and one side of the goods should be against the shelf. Small items should be placed in the collection box (board) to prevent them from falling. The items carried in the plug-in vehicle shall not obstruct the driver's sight. 10. When the forklift truck in the factory is driving at more than 7° and going up and downhill at a speed higher than the first gear, the foot brake shall not be used except under special circumstances. 11. In the process of loading and unloading items, the forklift must be braked with a brake. If a crane is used to load and unload the workpiece, the driver must leave the cab. 12. After parking the forklift in the factory, it is forbidden to hang the goods in the air. After unloading, the crane should be lowered before driving. 13. In the factory area and construction site, the speed is not allowed to exceed 10 kilometers per hour, and when entering and leaving the factory gate, workshop, warehouse and construction site, the speed is not allowed to exceed 3 kilometers per hour. Pay attention to observation when the forklift is driving to prevent it from scratching and hurting people. 14. When the forklift in the factory is lifted, lifted, or driven, no one is allowed to stand on the forks to hold objects or perform a balancing function. When the forklift is lifting, no one is allowed in the vicinity of the cargo. 15. When the fork is approaching or evacuating objects, the speed should be slow and steady, pay attention to the wheels not to crush the objects, the skids (pallets) and forks do not scratch the supporting personnel of the objects. 16. It is strictly forbidden to use forks and other accessories to lift personnel to engage in high-altitude operations. Electric forklifts are prohibited from single-fork operations or forks to top or pull objects. It is forbidden to use brakes to inertially slide round or easy-to-roll objects. The fork lifts the pallet to unload. High-speed fork picking is prohibited. 17. When the forklift is raised and lowered in the factory, the lifting frame should be tilted against the ground, and the lifting frame should not be tilted forward. 18. It is not allowed to fork-load items on the ship directly on the shore of the wharf and fork-load items directly on the edge of the train carriage. 19. When the factory is parking the vehicle in the factory, in the workshop and on the construction site, the driver is not allowed to leave the vehicle. If you need to leave temporarily, you must remove the key and the switch. 20. When the forklift stops the engine idling halfway, the mast should be tilted backward. When the engine is turned off and the car is stopped, the lifting carriage should be dropped and the forks should be placed on the ground horizontally.
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