The working principle of hydraulic lift freight elevator

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-19
The working principle of hydraulic freight elevator is very familiar to us, but can you analyze it according to the hydraulic schematic diagram of hydraulic freight elevator? Hydraulic freight elevator manufacturer-Jinan Tengyun Lifting Machinery has drawn a hydraulic pressure for everyone The hydraulic schematic diagram of the freight elevator, I hope to help you understand the working principle of the hydraulic lift freight elevator in more detail. The working principle of the hydraulic lift freight elevator and the hydraulic elevator: The hydraulic freight elevator is mainly a vane pump that forms a certain pressure, and the oil filter → throttle valve →Hydraulic control check valve →Balance valve →The lower end of the cylinder completes an action. On the contrary, the hydraulic freight elevator will work like this, and the hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the cylinder through the electromagnetic reversing valve → Lower end of the cylinder → Balance valve → Hydraulic control check valve → Throttle Valve → flameproof electromagnetic directional valve → fuel tank, we know the working principle of the lift freight elevator, we will understand the schematic diagram of the hydraulic freight elevator at a glance.
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