The use of the soft bag

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-23
Soft bag clamp is a kind of forklift, also known as soft bag clamp, clamp machine, clamp, flat clamp, clamp truck, forklift clamp, etc. It can carry and push stacks efficiently and economically without pallets. The main reason why it can do this is because it has the following advantages: The aluminum alloy frame reduces the weight of the product and increases the service life of the forklift; it has high strength and wear resistance It can effectively protect the guide shaft and guide groove from wear caused by sliding; the built-in side shifter increases the side shift amount for easy operation. The combined structure is simple, the strength is high, the self-weight is small, and the maintenance is convenient; the inner side of the splint is provided with ribs to increase the friction coefficient to facilitate the clamping of soft-packaged goods; the safety valve is equipped to prevent the goods from falling off when the oil circuit is depressurized;
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