The use of high-quality and inferior hydraulic oils on the wear and tear of freight elevators

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-10
The use of high-quality and poor-quality hydraulic oil for the wear and tear of the elevator freight elevator The elevator freight elevator is a multi-functional lifting loading and unloading mechanical device and an electric lifting platform lifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. The mechanical structure of the scissors makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform and high carrying capacity, which makes the working range of high-altitude operation larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations more effective and safer. Good hydraulic oil is colorless, odorless, and as clear as pure water. The anti-wear agent is added to the oil to reduce the abrasion of the hydraulic system of the elevator freight elevator, especially the hydraulic pump, and prolong the service life of the elevator freight elevator. On the contrary, because it is extracted and extracted from waste oil and hydraulic oil through simple technology, inferior hydraulic oil is more distinctive than the hydraulic oil produced by the manufacturer. The color is dirty, some are light yellow, and the viscosity is high. The impurity content is high, the moisture content is high, and the necessary chemical additives are lacking. Hydraulic oil is as transparent as good hydraulic oil at room temperature. Once used or the temperature changes, it will appear black, white wax will appear, and solid blocks will appear. In addition, inferior hydraulic oil does not contain anti-wear agents, and inferior hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of hydraulic system components and reduce the service life of the hydraulic system of the elevator freight elevator.
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