The tense part of the electric stacker is the car body

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-19
The emergence of electric stackers in Jiangsu makes it more convenient for people in the warehousing industry. According to the editor’s knowledge, the use of electric stackers should follow some guidelines in the process of practical use. The use of other electrician stackers Fields, generally speaking, can be used indirectly in some required fields, perhaps in the handling of some logistics companies, and can often play a very good role. The introduction of several major components of the electric stacker: 1. The body of any kind of vehicle, the body has always been a tense component. The body of the electric stacker is made of steel structure, but it There is no girder, but it is important to note that the strength of the car body is very good, so it can bear weight in practical use. 2. Mast China's electric stacker trucks mostly adopt wide-line-of-sight masts, so that the vehicles are in use There is a good line of sight in the process, and the effect of the safety of the electric stacker is very good. 3. Drive parts The drive parts are the tense part of the electric stacker that can start to work abnormally. The drive of the electric stacker There are certain differences in parts. People can choose the vehicle model needed by their company according to their needs, so that better work. Several major components of the electric stacker are indispensable, not only the above 3 At the same time, there is a brake part. The brake parts are self-evident about the tension of the vehicle. As long as you have the excellent brake parts, the vehicle can quickly move and notify the operation. In the purchase of electric forklift trucks At that time, users can use this as a basis for tension.
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