The scope of application of guide rail hydraulic liftu200b

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-11
The scope of application of the guide rail hydraulic elevator The rail type hydraulic elevator factory-specific freight elevator adopts a track chain structure, a non-scissor type lift. In recent years, the guide rail elevator has been recognized by the majority of users with its unique advantages, but under what circumstances It is more convenient and more cost-effective to choose the guide rail elevator. Today, Zhongding Lifting Machinery will introduce the scope of application of the guide rail elevator.   Rail-type lifts have a lifting height from 4 meters to 14 meters, and a load from 1 ton to 10 tons. When the elevation is less than 8 meters, the cost of the scissor elevator is lower than that of the rail-type freight elevator. Generally, when the elevation is more than 6 meters, the rail-type elevator can be mainly considered. It is not inferior to the scissor-type in terms of lifting stability and ease of operation. lift.   Rail type freight elevator is generally suitable for the transportation of goods between the second and third floors. It is necessary to reserve the entrance of the building, especially for the occasions that need to stay between the floors. Rail-type lifts are more used for indoor operations, while scissor lifts are more suitable for outdoor operations.
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