The role of forklifts in unloading

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-26
In the past, a lot of labor was needed to unload the goods, but since the product of the forklift manufacturer, it is much more convenient and can play a huge role. When stopping unloading, especially when the forklift is about to stop evacuating, it is required to stop slowly, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the product and cause the forklift to collide with the product, so it must be ensured that the product can be driven in a safe condition. If you want to improve the function of the forklift, there are still many ways to improve the power and economy of the engine. Among them, the adjustment of the ignition timing is often used, and then the ignition advance angle of the distributor is appropriately advanced. The plain area is 2-3 degrees earlier, and the sealing of the water cooling system is enhanced, so that the boiling point of the coolant is increased to prevent premature overflow. If you are driving on a plateau, it is necessary to reduce the tire pressure at an appropriate time, so that it can be used better and work efficiency can be improved.
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