The pallet truck produced by the electric pallet truck manufacturer is small and light, the speed is controllable, and the traction force is large.

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-14
There are many industries that need to use pallet trucks, pallet trucks can reduce labor, improve the efficiency of use, etc., the previous pallet trucks need to be powered by diesel, but then the fuel usage rate is not high and will pollute the environment, now electric pallet trucks The trucks produced by the manufacturers are all operated by electricity. This improvement makes the operating environment for personnel better and does not pollute the environment. Moreover, the trucks nowadays have become smaller and lighter, and can also operate in small places. Freely and very convenient. 1. The overall body is small and light, so it can work easily in small warehouses or other spaces; 2. The integrated operating handle is easy to operate; 3. It is equipped with an effective DC traction motor, which has great traction. The working speed can be controlled, which can easily carry heavier goods; 4. The hydraulic system adopts an integral hydraulic pump station. The material can be easily lifted by pressing the forward button on the control handle, and the material can be easily put down by pressing the down button; 5. Equipped with a stepless speed regulation system, you can freely control the speed of trekking and evacuation according to the surrounding environment and the load of the goods during use; 6. The large-capacity battery has strong battery life during operation; 7. The five-point structure at the bottom ensures that The electric pallet truck works more smoothly; 8. The high-definition waterproof LCD screen can keep track of the battery power and working conditions of the body at any time. If the power is lacking, it can actively alarm and remind. The above are some of the advantages of current pallet trucks summarized by electric pallet truck manufacturers. With the development of technology, trucks are constantly improving. Most of the trucks nowadays are small and flexible, and they are integrated in operation, making it easier to use. The battery capacity has also become larger in each improvement, and the battery life is greatly improved. Improved, and when the battery is too low, it will automatically alarm, avoiding the embarrassing situation of suddenly running out of power after half of the use, and the design is more humanized, automated, and integrated.
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