The manufacturer of the electric stacker tells you that the highland driver must follow the system instructions when picking up the goods.

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-24
With the development of the economy, all walks of life have also been driven. In order to realize the stacking of goods in higher places, electric stackers have come out. Electric stacker is a kind of loading and unloading machine that can effectively combine horizontal transportation and vertical lifting. It has comprehensive functions such as loading and unloading, lifting and transportation. It has the advantages of high work efficiency, convenient operation and use, and flexibility. It is very useful and has a wide range of uses. So what are the safety operating specifications when carrying out electric stacker operations? Let’s take a look at the following with the electric stacker manufacturers! One, the operation specifications of the electric stacker on the rack 1. The electric stacker driver should Actively observe the receiving area and contact the personnel of the receiving team to confirm whether there is a shelf task. 2. The receiving group will assist in packing the goods according to the condition of the goods. The driver of the overhead electric stacker must check whether the goods that need to be packed are packed before going up the high rack. If there is any problem, they must communicate with the receiving group for confirmation; 3. The packing is found to be unreasonable and existent. If the goods with hidden safety hazards are refused to be put on the shelves, notify the person in charge of the goods, and put them on the shelves after correction; 4. When putting on the shelves, be careful not to put the pallets on the wrong shelf, layer and cargo position; do not scrape or rub the shelves when putting them on the shelf to ensure the safety of the goods, the server And high-end products, goods that are taller than wide are not allowed to be placed in high-level storage spaces; 5. The shelf destination of the goods is obtained by scanning the pallet bar code. After scanning the pallet bar code, check whether the bar code number displayed on the handheld device is the same as that of the pallet. The barcodes on the pallets are the same; 6. Be careful not to damage the goods during the shelf loading process, and keep the goods on the pallet balanced and stable. Second, the operation specification for the unloading operation of the electric stacker 1. The driver of the electric stacker should take the initiative to receive the unloading task through the handheld device; 2. Ensure that the shelf space, the pickup position, the pickup quantity, and the remaining quantity are consistent with the system instructions ; If there is any abnormal situation, you must immediately stop the shelf or pick-up operation, and perform system inquiries to ensure that the commodity accounts match. 3. For picking up goods from the same cargo space, each pick-up must follow the instructions of the system. The driver of the high car must clearly inform the driver of the 'leftover'; if the driver of the high car does not prompt as required, the driver of the high car Have the right to request the driver of the high-speed car to inform accurately; 4. Check whether there is any missing goods in the hollow during partial pickup; check whether the appearance is complete and the quantity of the goods is consistent with the system when picking up the goods; 5. When the pickup is completed, electric stacking The driver of the truck is responsible for placing the remaining goods with the original pallet in the original cargo position. The auxiliary cattle must bring the empty pallet to place the taken goods. If the amount of goods is large and the pallet needs to be exchanged, the pallet number must also be replaced. 6. For picking up the goods in the same cargo space, the next driver who picks up the cargo in the cargo space is responsible for the type and quantity of the remaining goods on the cargo space; 7. The driver of the electric stacker goes to the designated storage space to unload Be careful not to collide, squeeze, or drop the goods on the rack; 8. Due to the limitation of the storage area, there are multiple materials on a pallet. When the goods are removed from the rack, the wrong goods may be picked up. Please check carefully to ensure the product name. , Quantity, and correct; 9. After picking up the part of the off-shelf, the off-shelf personnel should arrange the remaining goods on the pallet neatly. 10. The off-shelf may be placed on the shelf again after partial pickup, so you must be careful not to put it wrong; 11. Put the off-shelf in the designated stocking area of u200bu200bthe system. If the designated stocking area is full or cannot be placed safely, immediately Notify the stocking personnel and operate according to the requirements of the stocking personnel; 12. When unpacking and picking up the goods, they should open the box in the correct direction. After unpacking, check whether the quantity in the box matches the external standard quantity; the driver of the electric stacker truck found the original When there is a shortage of unpacked goods, immediately contact the supervisor to obtain a solution. 13. When you find the marked goods when picking up the goods, read the marks carefully, the principle is whether they are good or not bad; 14. When the hollow goods are off the shelf, check inside and out to ensure that the quantity is accurate; 15. Record all abnormalities in detail in time. The above is the specific operating specifications of the electric stacker introduced by the editor. I hope that it will be helpful to everyone after reading it! The operation of the electric stacker can shorten the operation time of loading, unloading, handling and stacking, and accelerate the turnover of vehicles and ships. ; It can reduce cargo damage, improve the safety of operations, and realize safe loading and unloading; compared with large-scale loading and unloading machinery operations, it has the advantages of low cost and less investment. However, when choosing an electric stacker in logistics loading and unloading operations, it is also necessary to pay attention to its operating specifications.
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