The load on the steering wheel group of the guide rail elevator is also very different

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-11
The load on the steering wheel group of the guide rail elevator is also very different. The guide rail elevator itself has the characteristics of heavy load handling, self-propelled, flexible, high stability and high passability. How are these functions implemented? Looking down, the entire lifting movement of the guide rail elevator is completed under the condition that the platform is not suitable for movement and the four supporting legs are put down. That is to say, when the rubber pneumatic tires of the elevator rotate, because the tires contact the ground, the load on each steering wheel group is also very different, and the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder that controls the steering is also the same. Also different. In the steering process of the elevator, all wheels are required to have corresponding cooperation to avoid instability during tire wear and steering. The design principle of the guide rail elevator is to ensure the synchronization of the movement of each hydraulic cylinder and the structural strength of each component, so that in addition to providing the function of lifting and leveling the hydraulic platform, more importantly, the plunger cylinder telescopic type has no compensation function to ensure This improves the uniform load-bearing capacity of the wheel set during operation, prevents skidding, adapts to uneven road conditions, and maintains reliable operation. Safety devices are an important part of guide rail elevators, which can ensure the safety of equipment operation. They mainly include safety valves, limit and door electromechanical interlocking and rupture valves, as well as emergency switches and electrical short-circuit protection.
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