The importance of the lifting platform and the stability of its performance

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-07
The importance of the lifting platform and the stability of its performance The lifting platform is a tool for lifting goods and manned operations. It needs to comply with its operating regulations during use to achieve safe operations. Among them, the most important thing we should pay attention to is to prevent the eccentric load and overload behavior of the equipment, both of which will bring great danger to the equipment during use, and should be regarded as the top priority. Overloading means that the weight of the cargo exceeds the larger carrying range of the lifting platform. It may cause the machine to fail to lift, and in serious cases, it may cause the deformation of the main structure of the equipment. Therefore, load and unload goods in accordance with the rated load to avoid equipment scrapping due to overload. Unbalanced load refers to the instability of the equipment due to the deviation of the center of the load, and even the falling of the goods. Occasionally, an unbalanced load may not happen. If it is used for a long time, it may cause structural failure and deformation of the main structure. Therefore, the operator should pay attention to it. If the lifting platform is under unbalanced load during use, it may cause the equipment to tip over, which may cause serious danger to human life. However, if the freight elevator is unbalanced load, it may cause deformation of the guide rail, or even collide with the floor. The lifting platform plays an important role in both industrial production and our daily life. The benefits brought to us are very much. There are many functional features of the lifting platform. In our lives, we use elevators in many commercial buildings. The performance of the lifting platform is similar to that of the elevator. When using the lifting platform, we can also adjust the lifting platform according to our own needs. Make settings. It can be seen that the lifting platform has a considerable effect on us. The hydraulic lifting platform itself has unique features such as heavy load handling, self-propelled, maneuverable and flexible, high stability and high passability. So how are these features realized? Then look down, the entire lifting action of the lifting platform is completed under the condition that the platform is not suitable for movement and the four safety supporting legs are put down. At the same time, the inclined, horizontal, eight-shaped steering and swing head swing are realized through the steering lifting hydraulic system. Various steering modes, such as tail and center rotation, also meet the support operation status under different road conditions and different load capacities. That is to say, when the rubber pneumatic tires of the elevator turn, because the tires contact the ground, the load on each steering wheel set is also very different, resulting in different working pressures of the hydraulic cylinders that control the steering. During the steering process of the elevator, it is required that all wheels must have corresponding coordination to avoid causing tire wear and instability during the steering and walking process. The design principle of hydraulic lifting platform is not only to meet the structural strength of each component, but also to ensure the synchronization of the actions of each hydraulic cylinder. In this way, in addition to providing the lifting and leveling functions of the hydraulic platform, the more important thing is the plunger cylinder. The function of telescopic non-compensation ensures the uniform load-bearing capacity of the wheel set during operation, prevents slippage, can adapt to uneven road conditions, and maintains safe and reliable operation.
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