The hydraulic lift is fixed on the hoistway or track support with metal fasteners

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-18
The hydraulic elevator shall be fixed on the hoistway or track support with metal fasteners. The hydraulic elevator shall be firmly fixed on the hoistway or track support tower with metal fasteners. A mover and a guide rail for heavy objects must be installed. The nature of the lift part must meet its strength requirements. When the following situations occur during the inspection of the hydraulic elevator, the inspector should terminate the inspection or stop part of the project inspection: when the working conditions of the hydraulic elevator are not met; the steel wire rope is severely worn, the stop layer protection device is invalid, and the safety circuit or the door lock circuit is short-circuited; When the brake does not work normally; When the engine room, hoistway or pit is full of water; Some items have serious problems, and the equipment may be damaged if you continue to test; Some environmental conditions have changed, and it is difficult to ensure the quality and safety of the follow-up inspection; When used for inspection When the equipment fails, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the follow-up inspection; other conditions may affect the quality of the inspection or the safety of personnel and elevators. In the initial stage of the design, the hydraulic lift for each production process should be checked. Welded parts should be firmly welded. The hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic station and other components should be tested before assembly. First, check whether the oil cylinder seal has oil overflow. If the sealing ring and hole diameter are combined. If it is not strict, you need to replace the new sealing ring, and then test whether the cylinder is running smoothly. If there is a paper jam, it means that the roller must be ground and not smooth, and the standard is not used. Production of hydraulic elevator guardrail: The guardrail can be made of solid steel plate, punched steel plate, welded or woven mesh, etc. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners; on the basis of the platform, guardrails should be set around the platform and the counterweight lifting channel. Portability can be included through other measures.
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