The heart of electric forklifts, failure to maintain is equivalent to chronic suicide

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-25
Jingxin forklift manufacturers hereby remind everyone that when buying electric forklifts, they should pay attention to fake and inferior batteries or second-hand items. In order to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, some manufacturers make profits by lowering product quality and lowering the price. Therefore, Look for big brands is the right choice.   The heart of an electric forklift, if it is not maintained, is equivalent to chronic suicide!    1. The relevant operating instructions should be placed where they can be seen at any time, and the operators should be trained or work under the guidance of professionals.  2. To prevent static electricity, please do not use non-cotton or dry cloth to clean the battery.  3. There should be no open flame near the battery to prevent igniting the combustible gas in the air.  4. The battery charging place should be a designated place that is rainproof, low humidity, well ventilated, and is conducive to the diffusion of combustible gases.  5. The staff should wear rubber gloves and goggles when performing related operations on the battery.   6. If the electrolyte (acid solution) splashes into the eyes or skin, immediately wash it with plenty of water and ask a doctor for examination and treatment. The electrolyte on the clothes can be washed with clean water.   7. No foreign objects or tools should be placed on the battery to prevent the battery from short-circuiting.   8. When lifting the battery, use appropriate lifting gear to prevent damage to the battery shell; when connecting cables and other components, do not tilt the battery.   9. The polarity of the plug and socket of the battery must be connected correctly. Only when the forklift is powered off can the plug and socket be disconnected.   10. After discharging, charge it as soon as possible. When charging, the temperature of the battery will increase by about 10°C. 10 Please use a charger that is compatible with the battery capacity, and use an incompatible charger to cause the battery to malfunction.  11. The temperature of the battery should not exceed 55°C, otherwise the battery life will be reduced. Therefore, the temperature at the beginning of charging must be lower than 45°C. If it is higher than 45°C, wait for it to cool down before charging.   12. Excessive discharge of the battery is prohibited, and the discharge should not exceed 80% of the standard capacity. At this time, the density of the electrolyte should not be less than 1.13 kg/L. Frequent over-discharge will reduce the life of the battery.   13. The charging process must be complete, and the battery cannot be charged intermittently. Frequent intermittent charging will damage the battery.  14. Water can only be added after fully charged, and qualified distilled water must be used. (It is strictly forbidden to add electrolyte with acid)
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