The gap between the application of forklift and traditional forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-22
We all know that with the wide application of forklifts, it has brought great convenience to different companies. So what are the advantages and gaps of forklifts compared to traditional forklifts? Compared with the traditional use of forklift forks to pick up cargo pallets for handling and stacking, the application of special attachments can greatly improve the efficiency of forklifts and reduce operating costs. The special forklift can realize the functions of gripping, rotating (clockwise/counterclockwise), side shifting, pushing/pulling, flipping (forward/backward), separating/closing (adjusting the fork spacing), telescopic and other functions of the goods. It is an action that ordinary forklift forks cannot complete. The good performance of forklifts has given forklifts a certain position in the market. When purchasing forklifts, we must make necessary purchases according to our different scope of use.
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