The frequency of use of the lift is not limited, and maintenance measures must be taken

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-21
The frequency of use of the lift is not restricted, and maintenance measures must be taken to ensure that the daily frequency of use of the lift for cargo handling is one of the concerns of customers. Many users ask this question when purchasing. Due to the large volume of cargo, freight elevators are used frequently in a day. If you can't use it continuously for a long time, you don't need to buy it. I want to tell you that the frequency of use of our lifts is not limited, but because some parts of the lifts are consumables, small monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, and replacement of important parts within half a year are all necessary. After all, it is indispensable for us to consider the safety of users. So let us tell you how to maintain lift. Lift maintenance measures: 1. Check the wear of each bearing, and replace it according to the degree of wear; 2. Check whether there is abnormal noise in the elevator, and find out the reason for the abnormal noise; 3. Check the wear of the elevator chain in time Replacement; If there is any change while the elevator is running, only a minor overhaul is needed. If it can operate normally, it does not require excessive maintenance. Regardless of size maintenance every time, add some butter to each part to increase lubricity during operation. Replace the hydraulic oil once a year to clean up the debris accumulated in the hydraulic pipeline to make the hydraulic system more stable. The above is a simple maintenance method for the elevator. Maintenance measures will make your lift safer and more stable, and can reduce damage caused by unnecessary mechanical damage. Extended service life. I hope to provide you with real help. In short, in the process of using the lift, everyone can not ignore the related repair and maintenance work, which has many benefits for everyone's work.
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