The failure of the tension spring of the Jiangsu electric stacker may cause the mast to be skewed or unbalanced.

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-17
Jiangsu electric stacker has played a great role in handling and stacking goods, greatly reducing human resources and improving operation efficiency. Today's stackers no longer use diesel as the raw material, and use more environmentally friendly and clean electrical energy, which makes the operating environment better. With the advancement of science and technology, the current stacker trucks use an integrated operating system, which greatly reduces the difficulty of use. The safety protection system is also very good, and the speed is free and controllable. The lightweight body makes them suitable for more However, some minor problems will inevitably be encountered during use, so what are the common problems? How should we maintain it? 1. The stacker mast is skewed or unbalanced, and it may be difficult to actively skew the stacker mast. The reasons for the inability of movement are the failure of the tension spring of the valve rod in the reversing valve; excessive wear of the skewed cylinder wall and sealing ring; excessive dirt accumulation in the skewed cylinder or excessive compression of the seal; the piston jams the cylinder wall or the piston rod is bent. The solution is to replace the tension spring with a new one immediately if the tension spring fails. 2. Seal ring wear. Seal ring wear should be replaced immediately. If the oil cylinder is also severely worn, the oil cylinder needs to be replaced. The dust in the oil cylinder must be cleaned. As for the seals that are too tight, they can be adjusted, and the wearing parts of the piston are damaged. It should be replaced immediately. The lack of oil pump pressure makes the lifting speed obviously slower: the lack of oil pump pressure or the slow speed is due to the damage of the seal ring in the pump cover groove or the severe gear wear. 3. The speed of the oil pump motor has dropped and there is a foreign body blockage in the pipeline. Deal with these problems and replace the damaged seal ring or gear. The decrease in the speed of the oil pump motor may be caused by the incorrect position of the carbon brushes or carbon deposits between the plates. Therefore, you only need to clearly or adjust the position of the carbon brushes; if the foreign matter is blocked, you only need to clean it. 4. Abnormal operation of the circuit. Abnormal operation of the circuit may be caused by damage to the micro switch in the electrical box or improper position adjustment. This only needs to replace the micro switch and adjust the position from the beginning; if it is caused by the main circuit fuse or the fuse of the control appliance, just replace the fuse of the same model; if the battery voltage is too low, it can be recharged; if it is a contactor Contact singe or too much dirt to form poor contact can repair the contact, adjust or replace the contactor; if the contact does not work, it may be that the contactor coil is open. Check and deal with it immediately, or replace the contactor. While enjoying the convenience brought by the Jiangsu electric stacker, you can't forget its daily maintenance. After use, you should park it in a suitable place and perform regular maintenance on it, which can not only extend the use of the stacker. Life span is also responsible for its own safety and ensure smooth use. The operator should also check the brakes, power supply, body, etc. before use, and repair them in time if there are any problems.
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