The factors that the off-road forklift does not mop the ground

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-10
The ground clearance of off-road forklifts, off-road tires with high rubber composition. Front four-wheel drive. Make the design between the engine and gearbox compact. Capable of working in harsh areas such as rough terrain, sand or mud. The off-road forklift adopts full hydraulic electronically controlled gearbox, full hydraulic steering, and pilot work control to make the whole machine flexible and light. The whole machine is equipped with double-axle six-wheel drive, which has large traction and makes its body stable; the articulated frame has a small turning radius; it is equipped with Gramo seats. The performance of the off-road forklift is suitable for harsh road conditions, such as: loading and unloading of materials, stacking, short-distance transportation and other operations under rough road conditions such as soft soil, grass, wading, jungle, desert, mountain, and mine. It can also be equipped with tire holding equipment, and special-shaped attachments can also be configured for the replacement of large-scale mining machinery tires.
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