The explosion-proof valve setting of the high-altitude operation lift plays a safety role

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-21
The explosion-proof valve setting of the aerial work elevator plays a safety role. The aerial work platform, aerial work, lifts, and aerial work equipment are all working outdoors. Whether it is winter or summer, they are usually placed outdoors, so do a good job of antifreeze work on the aerial work elevator Very important. Generally, as long as the qualified high-altitude operation elevators leave the factory, explosion-proof valves are installed on the machinery. The main function of the high-altitude operation elevators is to transport goods and personnel to the place where they want to be sent. The explosion-proof valve of the high-altitude operation lift is equipped with a lift valve in the lift machine to prevent the lift table from falling out of control accidents quickly, and the console surface is slowly falling, which is the main function of the lift valve. Especially on high-altitude lifts, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, the personnel working on it will be in great danger. The lift valve is composed of a valve body, a compression spring, a spool valve and a retaining ring. The cavity of the valve body is provided with a compression spring. The compression spring can also be connected to a spool valve that can slide in the cavity. The spool valve is limited by a retaining ring embedded in the valve body. Position, the top of the slide valve is provided with a through hole, the bottom of the slide valve is a plug, and the cavity is connected with the inlet and outlet of the valve body. This reduces the risk to the staff. Once the oil pipe ruptures and causes the hydraulic elevator to fall too fast, the explosion-proof valve is quickly closed and throttled, so that the platform of the high-altitude operation elevator is slowly lowered to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Played a safety role. The application of this new technology has made the product sales of aerial lifts very large.
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