The energy conversion efficiency of electric tractors is relatively high

by:Jxforklift     2022-10-15
You may often see electric tractors in logistics transportation and factory workshops. In fact, we can also see electric tractors in public rail transit and other occasions, but you did not notice it! With the continuous increase in the tonnage of various materials, the requirements for tractors are also getting higher and higher. According to the characteristics and advantages of electric tractors, the editor analyzes the development status and future development trends of electric tractors in detail for you. In the past, the main use of fuel was the power source of fuel, which caused great pollution. As the government has become more and more powerful in environmental control and planning, relevant departments have begun to vigorously promote the use of electric clean energy, and have made electric tractors rapidly in recent years. development, and gradually began to replace the domestic combustion tractor market. Compared with other tractors, electric tractors have obvious advantages such as high energy conversion efficiency, low noise, no exhaust emissions, and convenient control. Using hydraulic power steering instead of mechanical steering technology, the steering is light and comfortable, and the maneuverability is good. In terms of braking systems, there are also updated products, which are beginning to develop in the direction of hydraulic power braking, which makes the braking lighter and more sensitive. The invention replaces the dry brake, prolongs the service life of the brake, increases the braking torque, shortens the braking distance, and improves the braking safety of the whole vehicle. The traveling motor and its controller have developed from DC technology to AC technology, and vehicle communication has developed into network technology, which improves the reliability and communication speed of data communication, reduces the cost of the control system, and greatly improves the control level of electric tractors. With the continuous development of the current e-commerce industry, the logistics industry has also continued to grow its team, and subsequently, the market for electric tractors has gradually grown. In countries that attach great importance to environmental protection, electric tractors will have huge development potential. Moreover, the electric tractor can meet the needs of various logistics transportation and distribution systems, which can significantly improve the production efficiency of the workshop. To buy an electric tractor, please choose Jingxin Electric Co., Ltd.!
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