The embrittlement of the power circuit after the long-term application of the electric stacker leads to the increase of the resistance and the virtual electricity condition

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-20
The price of oil continues to rise, and the cost of fuel vehicles has also risen sharply. Therefore, the development trend of new energy vehicles is also becoming more and more prosperous. Compared with the traditional fuel stacker, the learning and training of the electric stacker is easier, the safe driving skills are more quickly mastered, and the purchase price is also lower. Although the electric stacker has many advantages, it also has a bigger problem, that is, the problem of performance and battery charging. Sometimes, when the battery is full, the stacker will immediately reduce its power by one or two when accelerating. What is causing this? The manufacturer of the electric stacker will introduce to you! First, start, The operating voltage will be reduced, and the functional loss will be higher. Even if you do not use it, the rechargeable battery will be charged and discharged again. Secondly, when the electric stacker is full of electricity, it will stay for a long time. Although there is no application car during this period, the rechargeable battery has been charging and discharging. Therefore, when it is used, it seems to be full of electricity, but if it speeds up, it will immediately lose one or two grids of electricity, and the reduced one is virtual electricity. If the storage truck’s rechargeable batteries are stored for too long, they will also be damaged. The lithium battery electrolyte in the rechargeable battery will change, so it is impossible to better store electromagnetic energy. Later, after the long-term application of the electric stacker, a certain degree of embrittlement will appear in the power circuit. At this time, its resistor will increase, and then the storage capacity of the rechargeable battery will migrate in the middle of the power circuit. Due to the large resistor, the amount of current will decrease. Even if the rechargeable battery is full, the variability of current will reduce 2 rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, one of the rechargeable batteries in the electric stacker may be broken. In the long-term application of pure electric vehicles, if a rechargeable battery has a common fault, the resistor of the rechargeable battery will increase. The output power of the rechargeable battery will be relatively reduced. If you find that the battery capacity of a pure electric vehicle is insufficient, and the virtual switching power supply is more serious, be sure to check whether the rechargeable battery is damaged. The above is the reason why the battery drops rapidly when the electric stacker is accelerated by the editor. I hope to bring you some help! The electric stacker is a common handling and loading tool, which can be used in many occasions. Use it for loading and unloading work, therefore, we need to ensure the power to carry out normal loading and unloading work to prevent affecting work efficiency!
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