The electric stacker needs to be tested regularly for the turbocharger before use or when it is not used for a long time for troubleshooting

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-21
For now, it is not uncommon for mechanization to replace labor and manpower, just like moving goods, which of course is more common in warehousing. The warehouse is used for stacking goods, and it is okay to place it at a lower place. If it is transported to a high place, it will be difficult to use manual labor, so an electric stacker must be used. However, it will inevitably encounter some common faults during use. In fact, these faults do not require specialized maintenance personnel to repair, only maintenance personnel are required to deal with the faults. Then the electric stacker booster system malfunctions How to eliminate it? 1. Inspection of the vacuum booster 1. Check first and then listen, that is, start the engine for a few minutes and then turn off the engine, step on the brake pedal several times, and every time you can hear the vacuum booster 'hiss, If the sound of 'hissing' is loud and gradually decreases with the increase in the number of pedaling, it can basically be concluded that the vacuum booster is performing well. 2. Start the engine, step on the brake pedal by one person and keep it still, so that the vacuum valve and the air valve in the control valve are closed at the same time, and the brake is in a balanced state (at this time, put a thread of cotton yarn on the air filter port of the vacuum booster , There should be no inhalation); another person removes the rear cavity air pipe of the power cylinder, and quickly blocks the air pipe port and the back cavity pipe joints with fingers. If the nozzle has suction, it means that the vacuum valve is not sealed. Replacement; if the connector has suction, it means that the power cylinder membrane is damaged and must be replaced. 3. Start the engine, without stepping on the brake pedal, and place a strand of cotton yarn on the air filter port of the control valve. If the cotton yarn is sucked, it indicates that the air valve is leaking. The control valve must be disassembled and the rubber ring or air valve must be replaced. 2. After the failure of the vacuum booster system of the electric stacker truck, the following methods should be used to judge and eliminate: 1. Inspection of the vacuum pump of the electric stacker truck, manual inspection: remove the pipe joint of the vacuum pump, and block the connection of the vacuum pump pipe with your fingers , Start the engine, if the finger is sucked, the vacuum pump is in good condition; if the suction is weak, the vacuum pump is faulty and needs to be repaired. 2. Vacuum gauge inspection: connect the vacuum gauge to the vacuum tube and start the engine. No matter the engine is at any speed, the vacuum degree must not be lower than 500mm mercury column, otherwise the vacuum pump should be overhauled or replaced. 3. How to prevent the goods from falling during the operation of electric stacker 1. Some warehouse companies will think that as long as the fall-proof shielding frame is not damaged, it is qualified, but the internal quality can only be concluded in the test and inspection project. It is impossible to judge good or bad visually in daily work. It can only be foolproof through testing and testing. 2. In addition, the shielding frame must be sent to the statutory unit for re-inspection two years before it leaves the factory, and then inspected once a year, because these carelessness will plant the seeds for potential safety hazards. Therefore, special equipment like this must be inspected and maintained by professional personnel. Don't hold the shutter of the gantry by chance. There will be no problems, that is, the shutter that represents the gantry may have a safety problem. But if it comes to a safety accident, it will be too late to regret it. The above content is the method of troubleshooting for the booster system of the electric stacker introduced by the editor. I believe that after reading it, everyone will be able to understand it without understanding. Electric stackers are also large-scale machinery, so they still need to do some inspections and troubleshooting before use to prevent various problems during use and delay the process.
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