The electric stacker does not allow super-high, super-heavy, over-speed and sudden braking when in use

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-21
In recent years, mechanical equipment has gradually replaced labor, realizing a more orderly and standardized cargo transportation, which greatly saves some uncontrollable factors in the manual handling process. In manual handling, some goods are stacked too high and require more time to stack, which significantly reduces the handling efficiency, but electric stackers can do this well. However, although the electric stacker is good, one of the safety precautions during management and use cannot be ignored. Let's follow the editor to see what needs to be paid attention to. 1. Management operating procedures: 1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance; 2. Check the control and driving devices, operating handles, pedals, wheels and fasteners before use, if damage is found If there is a defect, the operation should be performed after repair; 3. The safety device of the vehicle must be complete and intact, and the parts must be sensitive and effective; 4. The forks must be inserted under the goods when handling, and the goods should be evenly placed on the forks, and they are not allowed to be used Single fork tip picks objects; 5. Start, turn, drive, brake and stop smoothly, and slow down when turning on wet or slippery roads; 6. Do not overweight, superhigh, or overspeed during use, and prohibit sudden braking. Sharp turns; 7. People are not allowed to stand under the fork or walk under the fork; 2. Safety operation rules: 1. The weight of the goods must be understood before lifting, and the weight of the goods shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity of the forklift; 2. Lifting When packing goods, pay attention to whether the goods are tightly wrapped, do not carry unfixed or loosely stacked goods, and be careful to carry large-sized goods; 3. Adjust the fork spacing according to the size of the goods, so that the goods are evenly distributed between the two forks , To avoid unbalanced load; 4. After the goods are loaded into the fork, lower the goods as much as possible before driving; 5. When starting, keep proper starting speed and not excessively; 6. When the vehicle is running, do not During high-speed driving, make emergency braking and emergency turns; 7. Pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes when driving; 8. Maintain standard driving conditions. When the forks are driving off the ground, the forks are 10-20 cm above the ground and stop. When the vehicle is lowered to the ground, the load should be appropriately reduced when driving on poor road conditions, and the driving speed should be reduced; 9. When leaving the vehicle, lower the fork to the ground and lock the fixed wheels under the vehicle; Precautions when loading and unloading stacks: 1. When lifting goods, they should generally be carried out in a vertical position; 2. When manual loading and unloading, the fixed wheels on the bottom of the vehicle must be locked and braked to make the fork stable; 3. It is not allowed to move and lift at the same time Operation; The above is the operation requirements and precautions for the management and use of the electric stacker introduced by the editor. I hope everyone can help after reading it. The electric stacker is a very common machine for the handling of warehousing goods. Its safe operation requirements and precautions must not be ignored. The operator should strictly follow the operation requirements and precautions of the electric stacker.
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