The electric pallet truck manufacturer uses electric to realize the lifting and driving of the pallet truck

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-01
Nowadays, a lot of work can be done through mechanical equipment. Using equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also complete many tasks that cannot be done by manpower alone. Therefore, mechanization will become an important trend in the development of the industry. Even if it is mechanical equipment, some equipment is completed by manpower. Such equipment is not rare. What is the difference between such equipment that needs to be completed manually and electric equipment? Let’s take an electric pallet truck as an example to see the difference between an electric pallet truck and a manual pallet truck. Electric pallet trucks are also called electric pallet trucks, manual pallet trucks are also called trolleys, ground cattle and other different names. Simple division: electric pallet trucks belong to electric lifting goods, electric walking; manual pallet trucks belong to artificial hydraulic lifting goods, which are driven by people. 1. As the name implies, the lifting and driving of the electric pallet truck are realized by electric power. As the driving device of the electric pallet truck, the battery drives the DC motor to drive the wheels to rotate to achieve forward and turn. The lifting device is also driven by the motor to drive the hydraulic pressure. The pumping station pushes the hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic cylinder to rise and fall. In simple terms, it is lifting and moving. The movement is realized by electric drive. 2. The manual pallet truck is mainly used to carry pallets or directly carry goods. Walking and lifting are all realized by manpower. The lifting is carried out by manpower repeatedly up and down the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the lifting of the cargo. 1. The degree of automation between electric pallet trucks and manual pallet trucks: 1. Electric pallet trucks mainly play a role in quickly moving goods. They are used for automated transportation and quickly realize the transfer of goods from one place to another without requiring manpower. High efficiency and save time. 2. The manual pallet truck mainly relies on manpower to push and pull the goods, and the degree of automation is low. It takes a certain time to realize the loading and unloading of the goods, and it consumes manpower, is inefficient, and prolongs the use time. 2. Advantages and disadvantages of electric pallet trucks and manual pallet trucks: 1. Advantages of electric pallet trucks: Because electric pallet trucks use electric drive, all manipulations are based on handles, which can be easily mastered. The operation is simple and flexible, and can quickly lift goods with high efficiency. Moreover, it is low-noise, pollution-free, and daily maintenance-free. One person can complete the entire freight process, which replaces the manual pallet truck to a certain extent. Disadvantages: The electric pallet truck must use imported electric control, handle and other circuit control components and hydraulic components, and the price is relatively high. Especially in the field of circuits and parts, various manufacturers have introduced different parts in order to reduce costs. Many electric pallet truck parts are likely to be shoddy and impersonate low-end imports. It is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake customers. It takes some effort to choose a high-quality electric pallet truck. It is recommended to choose a large manufacturer and a well-known brand. 2. Advantages of manual pallet trucks: manual pallet trucks can walk manually by hand, handle operation, extremely simple, flexible movement, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, and superior performance. Due to the mature market development, manual pallet trucks are economical, comfortable and labor-saving, and carry 2 tons. The market price of the car is also around 1,000 yuan, which is the most economical and easy-to-use handling tool. Disadvantages: The manual pallet truck needs to be pulled by manpower, which consumes manpower, requires labor when the ground is uneven, and the handling efficiency is low. Since the technology is constantly developing, there are reasons for development. In comparison, electric pallets are more convenient than manual pallets, and electric pallets with a higher degree of automation are more convenient in both use and operation. Excellent, so in many occasions, compared with manual pallets, the use of electric pallets is more popular. After reading the above content, do you understand the difference between electric pallets and manual pallets?
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