The electric pallet truck manufacturer tells you how to deal with the electric pallet truck that cannot be lifted

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-04
Electric trucks are mainly used in freight handling factories. It can be said that they can be seen everywhere in factories and warehouses, but there is also one, that is, long-term use, more or less there are some problems, for example, it cannot be upgraded normally. , There are abnormal noises during use, etc. Do you want to know how to deal with these problems? The electric pallet truck manufacturer will tell you what problems the electric pallet truck will have after long-term use! 1. Shaking occurs when lifting. Solution: 1. There is air in the lifting cylinder, which can be solved by exhausting the load multiple times; 2. The hydraulic system leaks oil, repair or replace; 2. Self-descent solution when there is load: 1 , There is oil leakage in the pipeline or oil circuit joints, replace the seals; 2. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valves, one-way valves are stuck with dirt or the sealing ring is worn out, resulting in internal leakage, clean the valve block and replace the seals; The lifting speed is too slow or the lifting cannot be done. Solutions: 1. The oil tank is short of oil, and hydraulic oil needs to be refilled or replaced completely; 2. The oil filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned with kerosene; 3. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient, readjust; 4. 1. Excessive wear of the oil pump causes internal leakage and needs to be replaced; 5. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valves, one-way valves are worn or the seals are worn and aging, and need to be replaced; 6. The seals of the lifting cylinder are worn, aging, and need to be replaced; 7. Hydraulic If the oil temperature is too high for a long time, the hydraulic oil has deteriorated and its viscosity has dropped, and the hydraulic oil has leaked. Replace the hydraulic oil; 4. The driving wheel produces abnormal noise. Solution: 1. Mixed hard debris in the lubricating oil, replace the lubricating oil; 2. Bearings Excessive wear or damage, need to be replaced; 5. Brake failure solution: 1. The control circuit is not disconnected, and the scissor control system; 2. The brake friction lining is worn and needs to be replaced; 6. The solution is not moving at all: 1. Check whether the electric door lock has been opened or broken; 2. Whether the battery is charged or the animal battery is insufficient, and need to replenish the power; 3. Whether the power socket has been plugged in tightly, whether the emergency switch is in the off state, and the fuse inside the machine Whether it’s burned out; what is the deadly fault of the electric pallet truck is that it cannot rise and fall, then the electric pallet truck cannot be used normally. The solution to this problem is that the micro switch in the control switch is loose or malfunctioning. The return switch spring is loose and the screw is tightened; the oil circuit of the hydraulic oil valve is blocked and needs to be cleaned; the wiring of the DC contactor for lifting is loose or malfunctioning. If the falling speed is too fast, the flow rate of the hydraulic valve can be too large or too small, and the slow flow valve can be changed, 'larger is fast, and small is slow'.
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