The electric forklift manufacturer tells you that the battery of the electric forklift should be charged and used after it is fully charged

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-28
For modern logistics companies, they need to use a lot of equipment and tools in the process of operations, of which the most commonly used equipment is electric forklifts. Electric forklifts can effectively complete the storage and retrieval of goods in logistics enterprise warehouses, and electric forklifts can realize short-distance transportation, which is very helpful for staff to access goods! In fact, in addition to electric forklifts, forklifts also There are many other types, including hydraulic forklifts, counterbalanced forklifts and so on. But no matter which type of forklift, the battery is a very core existence for it! Therefore, you must pay attention to related matters when using forklift batteries, so what are there? The following electric forklift manufacturers will tell you! Electric forklift batteries After it is fully charged, it should be used as much as possible: if the electric forklift is found to be used up in winter, it should be charged in time to prevent the use of power loss. If possible, the electric forklift battery should always be kept at full charge before traveling to avoid insufficient power during work. Forced help to extend battery life: In winter, the weather is cold, and the forklift is on the up and down slopes. Professionals suggest that everyone should reduce acceleration and deceleration. Avoid frequent braking, emergency acceleration and other operations. If you encounter obstacles, you should brake in advance to reduce the burden on the battery. The battery is waterproof and moisture-proof: when the battery of the electric forklift enters the room from the outdoor low temperature, the surface of the battery will be frost, so waterproof and moisture-proof treatment must be done. The above are some things that I need to pay attention to when using electric forklift batteries in winter. I hope that I can help you after reading it! It is precisely because the battery is the source of the core power of the electric forklift, so in order to ensure that the electric forklift is in It can be used normally in winter, everyone must do a good job of maintaining the battery of the electric forklift, so as to effectively extend the service life of the battery of the electric forklift!
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