The electric forklift is moving slowly, and the speed cannot be lifted. Here is the reason!

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-20
Jingxin carries the mission of providing high-quality forklift products and intelligent logistics equipment to users all over the world, and leading the development of China's forklift industry/electric forklifts and intelligent logistics equipment. We hope to get your continued care and support, and we will definitely gain more Successful experience has made greater achievements in the new round of development. When the electric forklift is walking slowly, you can check the following electric forklift accessories: 1. Check whether the battery voltage of the electric forklift accessories is too low. If the voltage is OK, check whether the battery power is enough to replace the electric forklift. Operational use. The troubleshooting methods are: if the battery has no voltage or the voltage is too low, directly charge the battery to supplement the power.  2. Check whether the electric forklift drive system accessories such as switches and circuits are loose or short-circuited, and whether the micro switch is damaged. Remedy: repair and clean up the circuit, replace or repair the micro switch. 3. Check whether the drive contactor assembly of the electric forklift parts is burnt out, or the coil is short-circuited, disconnected, or has poor contact. Remedy: repair the platinum contacts of the electric forklift contactor or directly replace it with a new hydraulic contactor assembly .  4. Check whether the drive module is burnt out, short circuit, or open circuit. Remedy: repair or replace the module assembly.   5. Check whether the drive board or power board is burnt out or short-circuited.  6. u200bu200bCheck whether the power supply voltage of the drive motor is coming, check whether the motor is short-circuited, open circuit, or leaking, and check whether the carbon brushes are severely worn. Remedy: repair the circuit, replace the carbon brush of the motor and repair the copper head of the motor, repair the hydraulic motor assembly or replace with a new hydraulic motor. 7. Check whether the electric forklift parts drive gearbox, gears, disk angle teeth or drive wheels are damaged. The troubleshooting method: disassemble the damaged and repair it or directly replace the new gearbox assembly. If the gear is damaged, directly replace it with a new one. Gears, replace with new disc angle teeth or drive wheels.
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