The difference between full electric stacker and semi-electric stacker

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-28
The difference between the all-electric stacker and the semi-electric stacker: 1. The all-electric stacker refers to the use of the battery to drive the motor of the drive device to work, and to drive the wheels to rotate to realize the movement of direction and position; the use of the battery to drive the hydraulic device of the lifting device, Push the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the lifting action, and all the devices are lifted and moved by electric power. 2. Compared with the all-electric stacker, the semi-electric stacker has no driving device, only a few basic load-bearing wheels and direction wheels. To move the position of the stacker, it needs to be pushed by manpower. The lifting method Similar to the principle of all-electric. The all-electric stacker is much less labor-intensive than the semi-electric one, and works more efficiently. 3. In the field of application, the semi-electric stacker is only used for small-scale operations such as loading and unloading, warehouse stacking, and high-altitude reclaiming. Compared with the all-electric stacker, the application range is much smaller. The all-electric stacker can be used to lift and carry goods. Generally, warehouses can pick up and carry goods, etc., which saves a lot of costs. It can only lift heavy objects within 2 tons, and the lifting height can only reach within six meters. Fourth, the price is different, the price of the all-electric stacker is much more expensive than the semi-electric stacker. Fifth, the requirements for the width of the aisle are different. The width of the aisle required by the all-electric stacker should be wide to ensure smooth turning; its own weight is relatively heavy. When working at high altitudes, it is necessary to consider whether the floor can bear the weight. Semi-electric stackers are mostly used to lift items, so the width of the aisle is relatively low, but they are only suitable for goods with a load of less than 1.2 tons.
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