The difference between electric forklifts with electronic steering system and without

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-26
The difference between electric forklifts with and without electronic steering system At present, there are various models of electric forklifts on the forklift market, with various functions and different prices. What is the difference between the electric forklift with or without the electronic steering system function? The electronic steering function system is a relatively common application in the automotive industry, and only some relatively high-end models are equipped in the electric forklift industry. So what is the difference between with and without electronic steering system? First of all, the main function of the electronic steering system is to assist the steering of the forklift. Some high-end electric forklifts are equipped with an electronic steering assist system. The operator can operate more when driving the forklift. Easy and flexible. Especially in the case of high-intensity work, it is more conducive to reducing the workload of the operator. Without electronic steering, when the operator is operating, the steering wheel and handle of the forklift are heavy, which makes the operation more difficult. In high-intensity work, the operator's work intensity will be higher. Because of the models with electronic steering system, the steering system has an electronic booster pump and a steering magnetic coil. The electric forklift effectively assists the steering and steering sensitivity when operating and driving, making the electric forklift easier and more comfortable to drive.
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