The difference between electric forklift and internal combustion forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-09-30
The overall structure of all-electric forklifts There are various types of electric forklifts, but no matter what kind of electric forklifts, most of them are composed of the following 4 vast majority: (1) Part of the driving force. It provides driving force for the electric forklift, and is generally installed on the rear side of the electric forklift, which also plays a role in balancing the load. (2) Automobile chassis. Accept the driving force of the power system to make the electric forklift exercise and ensure that everything moves normally. (3) Part of the work. For fork and lift goods. (4) Electrical equipment. Because of the differences in most of the structures and installation locations that make up the electric forklift, there are different types of electric forklifts. Balanced weight electric forklifts are a way of electric forklifts. Below, we take this type of electric forklift as an example to introduce the composition of each department of the electric forklift in detail. 1. The driving force of the fuel forklift is mostly driven by a reciprocating piston engine gas turbine. It has gasoline engine, diesel engine and its liquid liquefied natural gas engine; the power system of electric forklift is composed of battery and DC series excitation motor. In recent years, new electric forklifts have appeared, and their driving force is dual-fuel or dual-drive. The drive train is the equipment that receives the driving force and transmits the driving force to the driving train. It generally has two types of pedal transmission system and hydromechanical transmission system. The former is composed of friction clutch, transmission gear box, universal ball transmission system, and the main transmission system and transfer case installed in the drive; The same as the previous one. In recent years, there are new electric forklifts that use hydraulic transmission. The components of the transmission system are reduced to ensure stability. 2. The driving system of the vehicle chassis is the equipment that ensures the overturning operation of the electric forklift and supports all the electric forklifts at the support points. It consists of the support frame, the trailer axle, the wheel and its suspension system equipment, etc. The front axle of the electric forklift always becomes the driver, which It is also to better expand the axle load of the front axle during loaded transportation, so as to improve the adhesion quality on the driving wheel, and to improve the adhesion of the road surface, so as to ensure that the driving force of the automobile engine is fully utilized. The bridge then turns into a bridge. The conversion equipment is located directly in front of the driver, and the operating handle parts such as the shift lever are placed on the right side of the driver's seat. The conversion system is the system software used to make the electric forklift move in the direction determined by the driver's intention. The conversion of the electric forklift to the system can be divided into mechanical equipment and the driving force of the system is different according to the new energy required. Department of two. The former is based on the physical fitness of the driver and is composed of three parts: the steering system, the transmission mechanism and the control organization; the latter is the dual-purpose driver's physical fitness and the driving force of the car engine to be converted into electricity. Energy turning device. Under normal conditions, when the electric forklift is converted into the required kinetic energy, only a small part of it is given by the driver, and most of it is given by the car engine according to the conversion to side shifting equipment. However, when it is ineffective to switch to a side-shifting device, it should generally be possible for the driver to undertake the daily task of the vehicle alone. When the electric forklift is working, it changes to a variety of movements. In order to relieve the driver's control pressure, fuel forklifts mostly use driving force rotating equipment. The commonly used driving force rotating equipment includes three types of integrated driving force steering system, semi-integrated driving force steering system and turning into side shifter. The braking system is the system software that makes the electric forklift slow down or stop working. It consists of steering gear and braking system transmission mechanism. The braking system can be divided into three types: human resource braking system, driving force braking system and servo motor braking system according to the power energy of braking system. The former uses the physical quality of the driver as the power source of the braking system; the middle one is the potential of the standard air pressure or hydraulic press, which is completely converted by the driving force of the car engine, as the power source for the braking system; the latter is the former and The composition of the incumbents. On a balanced electric forklift, the rear side of the electric forklift is equipped with a balance weight to balance the quality of the goods on the front side of the electric forklift. Balanced efficacy. 3. Part of the work Part of the work is the immediate work organization of the electric forklift to carry out the loading, unloading and handling work. It consists of the following 5 parts: (1) Picking and placing special tools. It is a variety of office attachments symbolized by the fork of the forklift, which is used for fork pick, pick and place, shovel pick up goods. (2) Lifting and hoisting storage shelves. Used to install forklift forks or other work attachments, and to drag goods together with lifts. (3) Gantry. It is the framework of the device at work,Most of the parts of the equipment at work are installed on the door frame. The two-section gantry is composed of the outer gantry and the inner gantry that can go up and down along the outer door frame; the three-section gantry is composed of three inner, middle and outer gantry. (4) The gantry skew organization. To complete the front, rear, left and right tilt of the gantry, the key is composed of tilt hydraulic cylinders. (5) Lifting the organization. The power system and traction belt equipment for pulling goods up and down the lift. The key is composed of the sprocket chain, the transmission chain and the lifting hydraulic cylinder that pushes the storage rack lift. (6) Hydraulic press control system software. It is a combination of the lift and gantry of the goods and the posture of the rest carried out by the hydraulic transmission system to complete the moderate operation of the equipment. It is composed of hydraulic system, pipeline and control organization. 4. Electrical equipment Electrical equipment is mainly composed of batteries, electric forklift lighting, various warnings, alarm data signal equipment and other electrical components and routes. Electric forklifts have series-excited DC brushless motors; gas turbine electric forklifts have electric starters; in addition, gasoline engine electric forklifts also have high-voltage spark discharge ignition systems.
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