The difference between different types of overhead forklifts and forklift speed requirements

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-15
On the forklift, in addition to the previous content, do we continue to learn and understand it? The answer to this question, from the current point of view, the answer is yes, that is, it is necessary to continue its study work, so that everyone has the learning content, and then, can have a further understanding of the forklift, an important website product. learn. 1. In the factory, is there a requirement for the driving speed of the forklift? For this question, the specific answer given by the forklift manufacturer Wuxi HSBC Machinery is: if a forklift is used in a factory, then, generally speaking, there are driving requirements, but it has nothing to do with the type of company. Because in the factory, its vehicle speed is limited to less than 5 km/h. If it is an internal combustion forklift, then there will be a speed limiting device on it. 2. What are the differences between overhead forklift trucks? Are the inspections of forklifts and cranes the same in terms of time? The overhead forklift in the forklift is divided into the upper and lower positions, so there are some differences between them. The specific difference, according to the forklift manufacturer Wuxi HSBC Machinery, is mainly as follows: Difference 1: In the lifting height, the overhead forklift of the human type is below 9 meters, and the human type can reach 12- 15 meters. Difference 2: In terms of price, the human style is more expensive than the human style. Forklifts and cranes, there is a difference in the inspection time, because the former is once a year, and the latter is once every two years. 3. Forklift and truck, are the two the same? In addition, what is the specific meaning of the forklift CPC30? These two questions are relatively professional, so Linggong forklifts will give the correct answers so that everyone can have a correct understanding. Therefore, the specific answers to these two questions are: forklift and truck, these two are the same, there is no difference. The forklift CPC30 refers to a 3-ton counterbalanced forklift, rather than other types of forklifts, so please make no mistake.
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