The composition of forklift parts

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-16
In the operation of the forklift, each component plays an important role. The loading and unloading of the forklift requires the cooperation of the working device to complete the overall loading and unloading process. The installation device of the forklift truck The inner gantry is located on the inner side of the outer gantry, the upper beam is equipped with a lifting sprocket, and the outer wall of the inner gantry is equipped with longitudinal and lateral rollers to roll in the outer gantry to reduce movement. resistance. The lifting chain goes around the lifting sprocket on the inner mast, one end is fixed on the beam of the outer mast, and the other end is connected to the forklift. The cargo can be lifted. The basic type of forklift gantry is two-level gantry. The arrangement of inner and outer gantry is divided into overlapping type, parallel type and comprehensive type. The outer gantry column is generally grooved, which can be pressed and welded by section steel. In addition, the outer gantry mainly plays the role of guiding the movement of the inner gantry. Its two parallel columns are firmly welded together by the upper beam, the middle beam and the bottom plate, and cooperate with each other to complete the loading and unloading work.
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