The common failures of semi-electric stackers are mainly reflected in the following points

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-13
The common faults of semi-electric stacker trucks are mainly reflected in the following points 1. Oil leakage Most of the oil leakage is at the connection between the oil pipe and the oil cylinder or pumping station. The seal is not tight. You can use a wrench to screw the nut Twist a few more turns to the tight place, but remember not to use too much force, otherwise it will cause slippage and trouble. If it is confirmed that the nut has been tightened, or the oil is still leaking, the nut must be disassembled, its gasket or explosion-proof valve must be replaced with the correct model or new, and re-tightened. Generally, this type of failure can be resolved. When removing the nut, the fork must be lowered to the lowest level, so that all the hydraulic oil in the oil circuit can be returned to the oil cylinder of the pump station to avoid a large amount of leakage. 2. The left and right balance wheels of the semi-electric stacker truck are not level. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the stacker truck deviating from the center of gravity during the daily load, resulting in excessive pressure on one side. The rear cover can be opened, respectively Unscrew the screws on the left and right balance wheels, put some shims on the lower balance wheels, or reduce the shims on the higher balance wheels to achieve left and right balance. 3. The forks of the semi-electric stacker have fixed pallet type and movable fork type. The thickness of the movable fork is 70mm by default. If you have special requirements, you can customize a smaller or larger thickness. There is a gasket at the joint between the root of the movable fork and the stacker, and the height of the gasket is adjusted by screws to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the front end of the fork. 4. The circuit part of the semi-electric stacker rarely fails, but correct maintenance and use are also necessary. For example, do not use the stacker under voltage, let alone use the stacker while charging. If you don’t use it for a period of time, you must charge the stacker frequently to keep the battery fully charged and rain-proof. It is best if the power is unstable in the place of use. Equipped with voltage stabilizing facilities, no overload, etc.
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