The choice of electric pallet truck can be based on your own operating requirements

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-04
Compared with manual handling, Jiangsu electric pallet trucks are more efficient, so they are widely welcomed by factories and logistics. Our electric pallet trucks are stable, convenient, fast, and flexible because of their smooth operation, which saves energy and protects the environment. It is very noisy. The low-level advantages have been used by many customers at home and abroad. As people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection increases, a series of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products such as electric pallet trucks will surely become very popular logistics machinery and equipment in the future. The first is to choose an electric pallet truck according to your own operational requirements. Generally, there are pallets used to carry goods, the specifications and models of the goods, the height to be raised, etc., as well as the required work efficiency and personnel's working habits. Secondly, choose according to the working environment. If the working environment has requirements for noise, etc., you must choose the vehicle model and configuration. If you are working in a cold room or an explosion-proof environment, then electric pallets should also be selected. Vehicles that can work in refrigerated rooms and explosion-proof environments. It is also necessary to consider the places that the truck must pass frequently, such as the doorway and whether the elevator affects its entry. Moreover, the configuration of the electric pallet truck is very important, and good configuration can ensure good performance in use. For example: the motor is driven quickly, the braking performance can be controlled at any time, the hydraulic system is smoothly raised and lowered, and the failure rate is less. The overall design should conform to ergonomic principles, such as: centralized control handle, in case of emergency, it should be able to brake through the control handle to quickly cut off the power supply, and the slippery road should have anti-slip function. The above content is organized by the editor of Jiangsu Jingxin. Our company produces hundreds of specifications and varieties of forklifts, and customizes various special equipment for all walks of life to meet the warehousing and logistics needs of customers in all walks of life. There are still many factors to consider in the early stage of the purchase of electric pallet trucks, not only how the click drive is, but also whether the hydraulic system is stable and so on. The humanized handle of the electric pallet truck, which concentrates all the operation buttons, brings great comfort to the driver in the operation. The product is not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain, so that it can be popular. For example, the power source battery and drive system should be easy to replace.
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