The battery of the electric stacker must be placed in the correct position when it is stored, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery plate

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-23
People usually go to shopping malls and you can see that shopping malls or warehouses use a kind of trolley when moving goods, that is, electric stackers. The electric stacker plays a very good role in the handling and stacking of goods. It makes the goods reach the destination in a relatively simple and convenient way, improves the working power of the personnel, and can also save a certain amount of labor. Electric stackers, as the name suggests, operate on electricity as fuel, so how do you charge them? How to store their batteries? The following editor will introduce for us. 1. Correct storage method: When storing the battery, it should be placed upright rather than horizontally. Horizontal placement simply constitutes a part of the electrode plate exposed to the air, which constitutes the damage of the battery plate, and possibly the outflow of electrolyte. Electric forklift batteries that have not been used for a long time should be kept fully charged and recharged every 1-2 months. 2. Charging methods and precautions: Before preparing to charge, admit that the battery has no split or electrolyte overflow. There should be no metal objects around the battery. The switches must be operated in the order required by the manufacturer. The voltage and current during charging must be in accordance with the process No overload is allowed within the specified value. It is advisable to charge and discharge first, charge about 80% of the power first, and then start the discharge operation. Do not wait until the battery is fully used up before charging. Generally, you can consider charging the battery when using about 20% at a time. The battery exploded. No flammable and explosive materials are allowed to accumulate around the charging area, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment must be equipped. What needs to be reminded is that the charging circuit and the chopper are completely separated before charging, so as to avoid over-voltage damaging the chopper. It can be seen from the above that the battery of the electric stacker should not be stored horizontally, otherwise the electrode plates will be exposed to the air and cause damage to the battery plates. If the electric stacker is not used for a long time, you should remember to charge it every 1-2 months, so as to maintain the battery. We should pay attention to the power of the electric stacker before using it. If the power is insufficient, stop using it in time. Generally, it can be charged when the power is about 20%. It is not suitable to be used immediately after charging. It can be left for several hours to disperse the air. The cooling operation can extend the service life of the battery.
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