The basic essentials of electric forklift battery charging

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-23
Basic essentials for charging electric forklift batteries. Electric forklift batteries belong to a system that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When the power output is used up, it must be supplemented with current. Otherwise, the battery will have no effect, and the active material of the battery will fall off if left unused. The charging current should be in a certain proportion with the forklift battery, for example: 48V200AH, with 0.07 times the capacity, which can meet the basic requirements. If the current value exceeds this value, the battery will be overcharged and the battery electrolyte will evaporate too fast. Once a peculiar smell is generated, the forklift battery The electrode plate has fallen powder. Overcharging will quickly decrease the capacity. In order to avoid affecting the forklift battery, we must learn the correct charging method. You can do it as follows: the current distribution on the electrode plate is even, and the resistance is small. Reduce the loss of charging current. The gas out of the battery, the small cover is around the negative electrode and positive electrode, which increases the internal resistance of the battery, intensifies the ohmic polarization, and affects the charging current efficiency. The thickness and porosity of the active material on the positive electrode of the battery. If the porosity of the active material is large and the electrode plate is thin, which is beneficial to the diffusion of the electrolyte, the polarization effect is reduced. Depth of discharge. The deeper the discharge depth, the more the positive electrode active material Pbo: and the negative electrode active material Pb are greatly reduced, and the material that needs to be transformed by charging increases, that is, more products participate in the reaction during charging, which improves the charge acceptance. We do not recommend The charging machine is adjusted to the maximum, and everyone knows the principle of long water flow, and rapid charging is very harmful to the battery of electric forklifts.
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