Technical requirements for forklift production

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-08
The basic functions of the forklift have already been completed, and the current technology research and development is to make the basic functions of the attachment better. For the development trend of forklifts, we can look at two directions, that is, how to use forklifts to adapt to goods and how to better adapt to forklifts. In terms of forklift adaptation, the forklift needs to be effectively matched with the forklift, which requires solving a selection problem. However, before the selection, if the forklift manufacturers and agents have an inaccurate understanding of the customer data, the selection of attachments will cause great problems. Because the forklift itself is a device with a much more complex structure than the attachment, when the forklift itself completes the actions of fork or put down the goods, it also completes the actions of clamping, rotating and pushing and pulling the attachment at the same time. For the action of lifting the pallet, the manufacturer needs to know more cargo parameters in order to judge which type of attachment is more suitable. In terms of adapting to goods, in the key industries of attachment applications, manufacturers are more concerned about how to add more added value to the basic clamping function, such as adjusting the more accurate force by sensing the weight of the goods. According to the current situation. Forklifts are in a stage of rising development, and with the gradual development and warming of forklifts, new profit growth points have been driven.
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