Talking about the development of forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-30
Forklifts play a very important role in the logistics system of enterprises and are widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc. They are efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation. Today we come Learn about the history of forklifts. According to reports, self-propelled forklifts appeared in 1917. During the Second World War, forklifts were developed; China began to manufacture forklifts in the early 1950s, especially with the rapid development of China's economy, most of the materials of most enterprises Handling has been separated from the original manual handling and replaced by forklift-based mechanized handling; therefore, in the past few years, the demand for China's forklift market has grown at a double-digit rate every year.
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