Talk about the safety measures of the electric lifting platform in detail

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-06
Discuss in detail the safety measures of the electric lifting platform The safety assurance measures of the electric lifting platform platform mainly start from two aspects: on the one hand, measures are taken from the design and manufacture to improve the safety and technical characteristics of the car lift; on the other hand, it should be used in the maintenance process Follow strict operating procedures to ensure that the lift can operate correctly under good technical conditions. Now separately explain and follow. Many advanced technologies in the world today, such as automatic control photoelectric switches, have been widely used in the design of various safety devices. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing elevators, we should actively adopt advanced, reliable and practical modern safety technologies in combination with product characteristics. There are various pollutants in the hydraulic oil of the electric lifting platform system, the main ones are solid particles, in addition to water, air, and harmful chemicals. The main cause of pollution is caused by both external and internal aspects. The external cause refers to the solid moisture. Other oils and air enter the system. The internal reasons refer to the wear of moving parts and changes in the physical and chemical properties of the hydraulic oil in addition to the pollution caused by the original new oil.
Given the important role played by in ensuring proper functioning of industrial lifting devices, every individual must take an interest towards improving material handling and lifting equipment.
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