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Structure and application scope of stainless steel truck

Structure and application scope of stainless steel truck


1、 Composition of hydraulic stainless steel trucks

All components are made of stainless steel, including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle, push rod shaft, bolt, etc

Carrier/drive wheel material: nylon/polyurethane

The specification and material of stainless steel are generally 304, and the plate thickness varies depending on the load capacity.

The installation method is simple, and the handle can be installed separately in only three steps

2、 Scope of application of stainless steel truck:

For use in the dry meat or other food industry, canned raw milk, and all areas where preservatives are used, stainless steel trucks have excellent corrosion resistance.

The stainless steel truck has a fully enclosed fork front end, which is sturdy, durable, compact, and flexible.

The design of a manual  stainless steel pallet truck is the preferred choice for operation in wet or harsh environments. In a specific work environment, the advantages of design are particularly prominent. According to different operational requirements, there are different designs to choose from.

Reliable performance and strong kinetic energy. Whether it's in slaughterhouses, fish processing plants, or the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, manual stainless steel pallet trucks can always provide services that meet your needs.

3、 Manufacturer of stainless steel truck

Jiangsu Jingxin Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a factory with 23 years of forklift manufacturing experience, and its products mainly include manual pallet trucks. Electric pallet stackers, lifting platforms, oil drum trolleys, and stainless steel trucks are among the manual pallet trucks. Stainless steel truck is a hot selling product of our factory. The hydraulic stainless steel truck produced by our factory is affordable and deeply loved by our customers.

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