Structural Design of Forklift Rotary Fork

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-31
In the modern logistics industry, the use of a forklift such as a rotary fork is still very extensive. It can quickly turn the goods in the container 360 degrees, and transfer the goods from high-end production pallets to cheaper transport pallets. The overall design of this rotary fork is scientific and reasonable, and it adopts an all-steel structure overall frame, which has high strength and can meet the needs of users for high-strength operations. And there is a vision window in the middle, which provides a good vision for the driver to operate, which is safe and reliable. It also adopts T-shaped sliding pair, which has high strength and uniform force and long service life; the self-lubricating sliding support is installed firmly and reliably. Its high-strength structural design ensures the stability of rotating operations. The use of the forklift rotary fork is convenient and fast, and can be widely used in industries such as food and chemical industry that need to turn over the hopper container.
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