Special customization of forklift for non-burning brick production line

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-25
At present, with the rapid development of domestic infrastructure and real estate industry, the corresponding modern building wall material manufacturing industry has also developed rapidly, and the degree of mechanization in the production of various building materials is also getting higher and higher. The main product of building materials, the production process of unburned bricks, is also gradually developing towards automation and mechanization. Due to the substantial increase in the production capacity of unburned bricks, the production process of product discharge, transfer and displacement, as well as the loading operation of product sales and transportation, has become a major problem in the process of unburned brick production lines and product sales. It restricts the continuous rise of the production and operation capacity of non-burning bricks. The operation mode of manual loading and unloading operation not only wastes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, but also has low operation efficiency and high product breakage rate, which also directly affects the operation efficiency and equipment utilization rate of the unburned brick autoclave system. Shanda Yongli Forklift Co., Ltd. aims at the good trend of the continuous improvement of mechanization in the modern building wall material manufacturing industry and the extensive demand for forklifts and various special attachments. It has timely innovated and developed a new multi-functional special forklift-free forklift truck. Burning bricks. This forklift product can greatly improve the work efficiency in the production process of steam curing, sintering, lime-sand brick making, transportation, warehousing and other production processes, and can meet the work needs under special working conditions, environments, operations and other conditions. This product not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, but also effectively improves the efficiency of loading and unloading of unburned brick products after they are released from the kettle, and fundamentally solves the problem of the difficulty of unburned bricks from the kettle.
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